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Does a Mobile Website Increase Your Profits? The short answer: Yes. A recent survey by says 84% of small businesses that go mobile see an increase in profits. That’s a pretty high percentage and you can imagine that 84% of those small businesses aren’t marketing geniuses. They just realized that their customers were on their mobiles 24/7 and they needed to be there too.

All of the marketing experts online are predicting that mobile will be even more important to businesses in the future. Global financial services firm Morgan Stanly released a report a few years ago saying that mobile web surfing would surpass desktop usage by 2015. The report showed that mobile use was growing exponentially.

People are increasingly looking for offline businesses on their mobile devices, and this means it’s time to get on the ball. Just going mobile can increase your profits, but if you really want a mobile site that rocks, there are a few things to consider.

Design and Navigation

You know how important navigation is for a PC website. Well, for a mobile site, it’s even more important. Mobile websites have high bounce rates. To keep them on the site, the design has to be simple and stripped down. All of your site’s pages should be just one or two clicks from the front page. Images should be small and minimal, and there should be plenty of empty space. Don’t use Flash or anything else that loads slowly.

When designing your site, think about how they’re going to be using it. Remember that they won’t have a keyboard. Entering text on a mobile is a frustrating experience. Most mobile devices use a touch screen, so consider thumb swishing when you plan your layout. Put your buttons in places where they’re easy to tap.

Know Your Mobile Visitors

In order to make any website profitable, you need to understand who’s using it and how they’re using it. The fact is that we use our mobiles differently than we use our computers. For example, consider when we’re online. People are much more likely to be on their mobiles while riding the train, waiting in line at the bank, or sitting on the couch watching TV in the evening.

People use their mobiles to find local businesses and to compare prices. While you’re shopping in a retail store, you can use your smartphone to compare prices and learn more about the physical products you’re thinking of buying.

Mobile users spend LOTS of time on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Studies have shown that the time spent socializing on mobiles is steadily increasing and social media sites are capitalizing on this by creating more mobile-friendly features. Find out what your customers are doing on their mobiles and you’ll know exactly how to market to them.

The Mobile Revolution

So, does a mobile site get you more profits? The answer is yes, and it’s going to mean even more profits in the coming years. Sales of mobile devices are only increasing, so if you haven’t already gone mobile, now’s the time to do it.

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