How to Attract Mobile Search Engine Spiders

Why would you want spiders crawling all over your mobile website? Well, we’re not talking about the creepy-crawly kind here; we’re talking about search engine spiders. These are programs that ‘crawl’ the web looking for new content.

They report back what they find to the search engines, and this is how they index you. In other words, once the spiders find you, the traffic starts rolling in.

User Experience

The way people use the mobile Web is entirely different from the PC Web. When you surf the Internet on your computer, you’re sitting at your desk in a nice chair with a hot cup of coffee.

Mobile Web surfers are on the bus, on the couch, walking, at work, and hopefully for our safety not driving. They’re on the go and what this means is that they have ZERO patience.

Mobile search spiders look for sites that offer a good user experience. This means that your site must be clear and easy to navigate. It shouldn’t be crammed full of text or pages that load slowly.

Keyword Optimization

The carefully-chosen keywords in your Web content tell the spiders what your site’s about. For PC sites, you might choose a number of different keywords to optimize each page for. With mobile sites, this is a no-no.

The reason is that you’ve got less text to work with. If you crammed a mobile site full of as much text as you’d put on a regular site, it’d be impossible to read. For a mobile site, you need to choose fewer keywords and use them more effectively.

Another keyword consideration is location. Mobile device users are more likely to be looking for businesses in a specific location. This means that you need to mix up your keywords with some geographical terms, like ‘plumber in Seattle’ or ‘St. Louis HVAC.’ The good news is that these geographical keywords have less competition and that gives you a higher chance of being found in search engines.

Easy Navigation

There are a few things you can do with your mobile site design to enhance user experience and make it easier for spiders to find you. Put your main content at the top of the page where they’ll see it quickly followed by the navigation.

They’ll see the information they’re looking for first, and this increases your retention rate, another factor spiders take into account. This also improves the user experience because they don’t have to scroll.

Building Backlinks

Although there are some differences, the most important thing you can do to get spiders to your site is the same – build lots of backlinks. For the mobile Web, focus on sites that mobile users access like Yelp, Google Places, and Citysearch. Claim your business listings and point them back to your site so that spiders know where to go.

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