How To Use QR Codes In Your Business

QR code ideas to enhance your mobile marketing QR codes make it easier for your customers to interact with your business. Your challenge as a business is to figure out how to use these codes to help them get what they want. It’s tough to think up ideas out of the blue, so here are some to get you started.

Your Promotional Items

One of the best ways to use QR codes is to put them on your promotional items. Put them on any little thing you give away like fans, keychains, mouse pads, mugs, etc. You can even put a small one on a pen. Be sure to also put one on your business card. They can scan it to find out more about you.

Cover Your Store

You can put QR codes all over your store. Plaster them on posters, menus, walls, and all available counter space. Make decals with them and put them on your doors and windows. A great use of QR codes is to put them on your products or product tags. When they scan the code, they’re directed to more information about the product. You can also put them on your products’ packaging and bags.

All Correspondences

Whenever you send out promotional mail or newsletters, make sure you’ve got a QR code prominently displayed. This is much better than giving them a URL which they have to go to the computer and type in. Instead, all they need to do is scan it with their phone.

Advertising Materials

You can put QR codes on any of your advertisements. It’s just a small black and white code. If you put one on a billboard, it can be scanned by drivers as they zoom by. A great way to get them to scan it is to offer an exclusive deal.

Should You Use QR Codes Online?

Lots of marketers say there’s no need to use QR codes online. After all, you can just give them a link and they can click on it. But there are some creative ways to use it and they can scan the screen with their phone. For example, you can use it as an avatar for your Facebook or other profiles.

What to Do with QR Codes

The simplest idea is to just send people to your website. But with QR codes, you can direct people to any URL at all. This can be much more than just your website. A few ideas here include:

  • Bookmarking. When they scan it, it instantly bookmarks your site on their browser.
  • Contact Info. They get your contact information automatically added to their address book.
  • Maps and Directions. They get a map or directions to your business. This is great because people use their mobiles to search for businesses.
  • Coupons. One quick scan and they get a mobile coupon they can use at your establishment.
  • Tweets and Likes. When they scan, it tweets or likes your business so all their friends can see it. This is a nice promotional tie-in; they like/tweet and you give them a special deal.
  • Download. They get an app they can use on their mobile.

You can do anything with your QR codes, so take these ideas or come up with your own. The key is to approach it from your customers’ point of view. It needs to make interacting with your business quicker and easier for them. Focus on improving the convenience of using your service.

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