Tips For Successful Text Message Marketing

SMS Marketing – Tips and Best Practices Even with smartphones and all the nifty things they can do, SMS marketing (also known as text message marketing) is still the most effective way to market to mobiles. It’s cheap, easy, and effective for any type of business.

SMS has been around for a long time and marketers have developed guaranteed strategies that work. Here are some tips on making the most of your text message marketing campaign.

Send Coupons

Marketing surveys show that people love getting coupons from their favorite businesses. A coupon can simply be a text message with a code they can use to get the deal. Mixing coupons they can instantly use with other deals and offers is a great way to give your customers what they want and get them into your store.

Call It a Club

Lots of people sign up for lists and get emails sent to their inbox. One little twist you can put on your campaign is to call it an exclusive membership club rather than an email list. This makes it sound cooler and you’re not stretching the truth at all – it is a membership club full of special deals.

Mix up Your News and Offers

Although you’re primarily using your list to offer deals and promotions, it’s nice to mix your messages with news, updates, and other content. Give them tips and ‘how to’ information related to your business. This shows that you’re not just selling to them but also a trusted source of information.

Send Reminders

When you’re promoting a sale or limited time offer, send them occasional reminders. They’ll forget, and reminders have been proven to increase ROI. Messages can be quick and just tell them to remember your deal ends this Friday. Increase the frequency as you near the end of the sale or promotion.

Listen to Your List

Marketing through email isn’t just a one-way street. Open rates and analytics will tell you whether or not you’re doing it right, but customer feedback is even more valuable. Seek your subscribers’ opinions and find out what they like and don’t like. Then, improve your marketing accordingly. Businesses that are responsive to their customer base succeed.

Use Mobile’s Unique Capabilities

Mobile marketing converts much better than PC email marketing. There are certain things about mobiles and mobile use that are unique. You can really tighten up your campaign by making use of these unique capabilities.

One of the best is the QR code. This is a black and white pixelated bar code. You can scan it with your phone and it directs you to a URL. You can create your own QR codes for free and use them on all of your promotional materials. When they scan it, they can be sent to your website, a special coupon, a sign-up form, or anywhere else you want to send them.

Text message marketing is powerful, cheap and easy. All you need is an SMS provider and you’re ready to get started. Most businesses still haven’t caught on, so starting SMS marketing today puts you ahead of the competition.

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